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BW Clifford Inc is a family owned, wholesale candy and snack distributor located in Morristown NJ. We have been in business for over 65 years. Our candy store provides a wonderful array of chocolate candy, mints, bulk candy, chewing gum, changemakers, and sweet candy. Some of our most popular products are Hershey Bars, Tic Tacs, Eclipse Gum and Wrigley Gum. Our warehouse is loaded with candy, snacks, chips, cookies, chewing gum and all sorts of confectionery products. You can buy candy and snacks by the box, case, pallet or truckload. Pricing is based on volume. Our business model is to provide the items individual consumers and large convenience stores would require for your shopping convenience. We not only focus on delivering value to our customer¿s through low prices and outstanding service but also by providing a significant wealth of rich web site contact. Our web site offers a shopping and educational experience. At BW Clifford you can learn about things ranging from the manufacturing processes associated with Beef Jerky to the history of Chocolate Candy. We have a candy history timeline and also reach back in time to describe our business¿s history and heritage starting three generations back. We are a family run business and are here to serve our customers with outstanding candy, chewing gum, snack products and service. We have a huge collection of chocolate that is regularly inventoried, rotated and fresh. You can be assured of a full shelf life for all our chocolate products. We realize how in today¿s environment that some suppliers are selling old or short life chocolate. We check all our dates to assure you will receive fresh chocolate. All our chocolate candy is individually listed under the chocolate candy category. Some of my favorite chocolate candies are the Kt Kat, Reeses, Nestle Crunch, Snickers and Twix. We also have a web page dedicated to chocolate education. This page offers extensive research regarding chocolate manufacturing and the history of chocolate. It also has information on the proper way to store chocolate. Our bulk candy category is full of really great small candy items. Bulk products are great small items that come in large quantities. They are great for parties, in the office, or for kids as a treat for lunch. They are also good to use for wedding candy. We have many popular bulk and similar peg line or bagged candy. At BW Clifford we have a complete choice of chewing such as Dentyne, Trident, Wrigley, Bazooka, Big League Chew, Bubble Tape, Bubble Yum, Eclipse Gum, Stride and Orbit Gum of which BW Clifford has a great selection. We have many different brands and flavors of chewing gum. We have products group set up as well so you can shop for chewing gum easily. The is also a great educational section which lists all the different chewing gums and provides some history of chewing gum. This section also talks about the manufacturing processes associated with chewing gum. Candy bars are our candy stores specialty. We have a complete collection of chocolate, sweet, hard, and crunchy candy bar products. The candy bar category has a complete collection of the candy bars which we offer. This section of the online candy store is also set up with subcategories and product groups of candy. For example you can shop for candy by box count. So let¿s say you are interested in seeing all the 36 count candy you can use the candy 36ct subcategory and see all the candy bars at once. You can also shop for candy bars by product group. For example if you want to see all the Snickers candy bars you can go to the snickers product group and see all the snickers candy bars on one page. We also list all the candy bars separately below the product groups as another alternative to shop for candy bars. We also have a great selection of wholesale snacks such as Cookies, Crackers, Nuts, Chips, Snacks, Beef Jerky to eat and enjoy.  
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Info PAYMENT POLICY: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Your account and payment information is verified during the payment stage of your order, account problems will be indicated to you during the ordering process. HOW MUCH YOUR ORDER WILL COST: You can calculate the cost of your order including shipping costs by placing the items that you wish to purchase into the shopping cart and entering your zip code on the bottom right side of our website. Click on the "calculate shipping " button to view shipping fees and options. When adding or subtracting items from your cart, please make sure you click the "update quantities" button and recalculate shipping fees. There is no obligation to purchase any of the items when calculating order and shipping costs.
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Info SHIPPING & FREIGHT: Orders are usually shipped 1-4 business days from receipt of the order, If you order before Wednesday during the week we typically get orders out by Friday. We do our best to get your products to you as soon as possible. Our main warehouse is located in Morristown NJ and sends shipments Monday through Friday except during major holidays. Based on inventory on hand we may ship partial orders unless otherwise specified in your order. All orders are double-checked before shipped to assure the correct quantity and items are sent to you. In the event of a claimed error we will investigate with the warehouse. However claims that merchandise was not shipped or quantities are incorrect will be handled on a case by case basis. There is no way we can verify that a customer is in fact being sincere when they state an order is shipped incomplete. We will make all efforts to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, however we cannot guarantee credit for items that are claimed not shipped when our records indicate they were. If your shipment is compromised when received (box open or damaged) please record the complaint with the shipper so it is on record and we will assist in any way we can. We suggest using UPS as they are very fair regarding credit for damaged product in shipping. The USPS is not a suggested shipper for us but we will use them at the customers direction. We do not have USPS tracking numbers so once the product leaves us we cannot track progress. We do track for UPS. Once again we do not suggest using the USPS except for APO orders which is necessary. Shipping charges are calculated using the shippers rate tables. Therefore, shipping charges and delivery time will vary based on the total weight of the order and the shipping destination (zip code and country). We ship all orders via UPS although we can make special shipping arrangements for large orders. Please email us prior to placing your order. You can track you order once shipped at the UPS WEB site. Orders greater than 150 pounds will have the shipping added to the order by us. It will not show up as a shipping charge in your shopping cart. Orders shipped outside the US are subject to a $100.00 minimum. During free shipping specials BW Clifford reserves the right not to fulfill orders which have excessive shipping amounts TBD based on the order. If you have a your own UPS or FedEx account number and would like to use it - please email us before you start placing your order.
Return Policies
Money Back Guarantee: null days
Return Merchandise Authorization
Restocking Fee: 0%
Merchant Pays Return Shipping
Info HOT WEATHER SHIPPING: Please beware that shipping some candies and chocolates during the summer months can damage candies and chocolates. Since normal shipping companies do not have air-conditioned delivery vehicles, they will not guarantee the condition of chocolate shipped in warmer weather. As a result, BW Clifford does not guarantee items damaged in such circumstances. If you are placing an order during weather that may cause such damage we recommend that you purchase additional cooling methods, such as ice packs. BW Clifford will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from such weather. This is the industry standard. We also recommend that you do not put your chocolate in a refrigerator after it ships this tends to change the candys color. RETURN POLICY AND CANCELED ORDERS: We will refund the cost of all merchandise returns that are received in unopened and undamaged condition subject to a 15% restocking fee. BW Clifford will not refund the cost of shipping on returned items. You must have approval from BW Clifford before an item is returned. No returns are accepted without approval. All returned merchandise must be shipped prepaid freight. A Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) is required for all refunds. Refunds will not be made for merchandise arriving without a valid RMA number. You must contact us no later than seven (7) days after the invoice date to obtain an RMA number. RMA numbers are only valid for fifteen (15) days from the date issued. All returned items must be shipped prepaid - all others will be denied. TAX: A 6.0% tax is required by the State of New Jersey on all orders that are shipped to addresses located in New Jersey. All other orders shipped elsewhere in the country have no taxes withheld by us. Please consult your tax specialist to determine if there are other taxes that may apply to you or your order. For orders that are placed with a credit card, if the order has not been shipped we can cancel most orders with just a 10% fee to cover credit card processing costs. If items are special ordered we may not be able to return that merchandise and cancellation costs could be more. We will do all we can to make the arrangements fair and reasonable.
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Info YOUR PRIVACY: BW Clifford will not distribute your personal information to any third parties. At times we may send out a direct mail or email to offer special discounts, follow up on orders and send promotions to our customers. You may sign up to receive these special promotions when ordering. There is no obligation to purchase items or join our mailing list. To join, enter your email address in the Join Our Newsletter box located on the right side of each page and click on the "Go" button.
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