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Date 2/18/12 Rated by: Branka

" Bought large bird cage. Got promptly in couple days.1st order i canceled by calling customer service w/o any problem. They were friendly and knowledgeable. Cage didn't work out so took back within 45 days to the store got full money back even tho it was used. Ordered different one, Cancelled and reordered several times in 1 day till i was sure of what i wanted by doing it myself on their website. All without problems. I truly love Petco so far. Yes their stores can be messy and not well stocked but their online site is great and so is the online customer service. "

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Date 1/11/10 Rated by: NeverAgainPetCO

" Don't ever, EVER expect customer service to be of service in an exchange situation!! Ordered wrong blade replacement part, waited over 25 minutes to talk with customer service who informs me that Wahl doesn't use same part # as they do and I need to call Wahl. (This after 20 minutes of the customer service agent being unable to locate my order via my phone #, order #, name or any other method!) I called Wahl and immediately located correct #, called back PetCo and after 35 minutes on hold wait time, the customer 'service' rep informs me that I will need to go online to place new order with full shipping charge, ship back the old part with full ship charge and I just wasted over an hour and half of my time. Know what, PetCo? No thanks... I won't be dealing with you again... I'll return and receive refund and order elsewhere from here on. Never, EVER again! "


Date 3/1/08 Rated by: mmounajjed

" very bad products. I already went through two tanks ( the second was replacement under warranty) and I am now shopping for new one. The glue connecting the walls on the acrylic tak is chipping away, It is very close to start leaking. I would definitely not recommend their product to anybody. "


Date 2/18/07 Rated by: user2505774

" Let me first say that their online site is terrific and totally worthy of the 5 star rating. They always get my orders out promptly and provide good tracking info. I've had an occasional issue (something spilled in transit, etc) and they take care of the problem ASAP and courteously. Their stores, on the other hand, are hit and miss. Some are very clean and organized, some are a mess and chaotic. Clerks range from very nice to surly/unqualified. One store I visited was a total mess and clerks were stocking shelves in early evening (prime shopping hours after work). The clerks were extremely rude and upset that I had the audacity to stop and buy products when they had to stock shelves - seriously! But the online site cannot be beat! So, online site is 5 stars, stores in general 3. "


Date 1/18/07 Rated by: steve_petco

" Placed my first order on sunday, did receive that automatic email by monday morning. Their website says shipping by next business day. Not so, today is Thursday and still no idea of what is going on. No answers to emails and customer service cannot help because i used goggle checkout. They cannot even answer if item is in stock. Will not use again. "


Date 1/15/07 Rated by: susan949

" I was very disappointed with the dishonesty of Petco. First they duplicated an order, even though I called the 800 number immediately when I saw that it was on the order twice. I was told they would correct the error, but they didn't bother and sent (and billed) me both orders. When I asked for a postage paid envelope to return the second order, they refused, even tho' it was their fault. I reported it to the BBB and they lied and said that I didn't report it for 10 days. Please don't shop at Petco. They are very dishonest. I know I will never shop there again. "


Date 9/3/06 Rated by: jroack

" Perfect purchase. "


Date 8/13/06 Rated by: mercytoo

" They always have a wonderful sellection and the sales people are always friendly and very knowledgable. The stores in my location are very clean and the animals very well taken care of. I don't shop anywhere else! "


Date 7/19/06 Rated by: florrigan

" The plastic tray broke, leaving shards of plastic in my dog's crate. He was also able to bend the wire and open the back end of the crate. This product is completely unsafe! "


Date 6/12/06 Rated by: KevGraham7

" After receiving my purchase (a top of the line dog kennel), I found it was not in new condition. It was full of mouse feces and urine and the bag which the hardware came in was shredded from mice leaving the hardware loose inside the box. The customer service at petco still has not responded to my complaints after 5 days. Also this mouse issue a *big* health problem if you ask me. I would never purchase dog food from this store knowing how badly their warehouses must be overrun with mice. Specifically this was the petco Aurora Distribution center warehouse but I won't buy from them again at any location. "


Date 6/16/04 Rated by: loogirlsmom

" I love their selection, price and value. They also have everything in stock. Love them. "

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