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Recommend store: No
Date 3/22/14
Rated by: stevem50
I purchased a product from this company and it does not fit. I have been trying to contact this company for 1 week to get an RMA to return and receive a refund and have received zero response. This companies website claims superior customer service. There is zero customer service.
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Recommend store: No
Date 6/24/13
Rated by: Millitello
Bought heating element for my hot tub from pool supply world on June 8th. The element I had received was not the one I had ordered. They took 2 days to reply to my Return request and they then asked for pictures so I did as requested. Another 2 days go by for me to get a call from them saying my pictures were not clear. I open them on my computer straight from my email and they are fine. So they ask that I send them more pictures. So I again sent them more pictures as requested on the 17th and here it is the 24th and I have yet to hear back from them. WILL NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCE!!!
Recommend store: Yes
Date 6/12/12
Rated by: Ben
I bought Paint from Pool Supply World - Blue Ice color. When I painted my pool, it came out in multiple shades of blue and looked terrible. I contacted Pool Supply World and expected a bit of a battle - but instead one of their managers got on the phone and ended up refunding most of the cost and provided some new paint to fix the worst offending areas. They really wanted to make sure that the problem was taken care of, even though the pool paint manufacturer (beware of them) was the one who screwed up.
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Shop here again: Yes
On-time delivery: Yes
Customer service: Excellent
Date 5/21/12
Rated by: tina wagoner
great service, got my order quickly, very satisfied
Shop here again: Yes
On-time delivery: Yes
Customer service: Excellent
Date 5/17/12
Rated by: Miguel Vasquez
Always great quality items at very competitive pricing!
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