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Date 7/22/10
Rated by: lucky_7618
i wanted to buy a ring,i called customer service about the price twice . i never received a call back. when i tried to get it online at the price that was shown all they wanted was to keep adding things to raise the price of the ring. if you are inneed of a ring try somewhere else.
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Customer service
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Date 6/24/09
Rated by: Dallas75
Just got the USMC playing cards. They are awesome! Shipped very fast also.
Date 2/4/09
Rated by: HappyBabyStore
Great Seller
Date 7/30/08
Rated by: armygirl_77
I just went to SoldierCity not too long ago and bought this cute camo shirt. It's perfect for the summer and I love the cute gold star! My mom just bought the camouflage shirt with the gold butterfly on it and she likes it too.
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