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Date 11/16/08
Rated by: William T. Smith
Quick and simple to use. Found the product I was looking for with ease.
Date 5/10/08
Rated by: Jack Bliss
Great prices easy to shop.
Date 3/2/07
Rated by: hbrake
Outstanding! Witbeck has some of the most professional sales associates on the internet. There pricing is much better than local pricing, and some of the best on the Internet. Witbeck has a rating of 5 stars and they deserve every star. Thank you Jeff at Witbeck for an excellent shopping experience!
Date 11/24/06
Rated by: chuckpoley
All aspects of my shopping experience with Witbeck was outstanding. It began with the ease of navigating the web site, locating the product of interest with favorable pricing, secure checkout and lastly prompt delivery in a well protected container for this refrigerator. One customer support phone call was made prior to purchase to a well informed representative. Witbeck will be considered for future purchases. C.R.Poley
Date 8/23/06
Rated by: richardturnbull
checkout was cumbersome requiring me to enter and re-enter data becuase I couldn't find the check out section easily and wasn't automatically directed there. Additionally the quantity wanted to add more than one of the item I was purchasing. Very annoying. Price was good otherwise I would not have continued multiple times.
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