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Klipsch Image X11i KLIMXJI111 (Japan Import)
in-line remote for playback and volume controls on iPod, iPhone and iPad,built-in microphone for answering calls on your iPhone,4 pairs of soft, oval ear tips for optimum comfort ...
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$150 $90.99 off
Fantastic prices with ease & comfort of!...
Keep your favorite music close and your family and friends closer with the Image S2m.
Klipsch's award-winning sound lives on in Image S4 headphones.
$79.99 $16.00 off
Fantastic prices with ease & comfort of!...
The new Image S4i Rugged Headphones utilize tough rubber moldings and an all-weather design to protect the legendary Klipsch sound from Mother Nature’s bad side.
Keep on rocking no matter where life takes you with these Klipsch in-ear headphones. : Noise isolation keeps outside nuisances to a minimum.
$49.99 $20.00 off
Enhance your audio experience with High Quality Single Flange Replacement Ear Tips, Earbuds for In-Ear Earphones. These Eartips will provide you with increased noise isolation.
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